Anonymous asked:

Oh issac. I have such a problem. I'm at my first year of uni and arguably love a guy in my theology class. The worst part is that I haven't even spoken to him. He knows my name but not much else. What should I do? I'm usually confident around guys. he's just so attractive and it's not like I'm a troll either but whenever I have my chance to say something, I freeze and run away! I figured that if he did secretly admire me, he'd have already talked to me by now but idk. What would you do? Xox

isaaclikesdiary answered:

Stop being such a gigantic pussy and go talk to him.

At the very least, do what I used to do when I was at university and secretly in love with this girl in my film class — sit next to him whenever you can, and ask to borrow a pen. If you do that enough days in a row it’ll become like a little in-joke between the two of you and come day six or seven he’ll be sitting there with a pen out waiting to give it to you. 

Next thing you know, you’ll be pregnant. Or drinking coffee with him. Whichever comes first. 

In my case, nothing I did seemed to work (no matter how many times I borrowed a pen!!) and it finally came out that the young lady in question was actually more interested in other young ladies than she was in me. You win some, you lose some. 

Like you said, you’re a girl, you’re not a troll, and those two things weigh heavily in your favour. I promise you that 100% of boys are flattered by female attention. So go get him.

Last thing, my name is IsAAc, not ISSac.

A Little BedTime Story

The girl gasped as she saw the ball hit the mans head. “Crap” she thought as she ran down the hill to retrieve the ball she had kicked a few seconds earlier. The man she realized was not a man at all but a boy about her age. As she ran towards the boy she was yelling “sorry oh my gosh I’m so sorry” The boy had picked up the ball and now had it cradled in one hand while his other one was holding the back of his head. The girl was not 5 feet from the boy when she stepped on a broken storm grate. “Holy crap” she thought as her whole leg almost fell through. “Woah” the boy said “be careful.” She looked up and was almost surprised at his words. He walked towards her and held out the ball. She took it carefully and kept staring at him. He looked down almost shyly “your shoe” he said “what?” “It’s untied” he explained “here I’ll tie it, sit down.” As she sat down on the hill he knelt to tie her shoe. “Thanks” she said when he finished “don’t thank me yet” he said. She gave him a weird look and then it clicked right as he pushed her down the hill right into the storm drain.

~the end